Bureau at Friedrichsplatz, Mannheim


PVC-sheets, "natural"

each 40 x 52 x 0,5 cm | in total: 480 x 832 cm

(= 192 panels, of which 54 were laid within the work process)

In June 2000, a further work was realized in an office located on Mannheim‘s Friedrichsplatz; its viewers were urged to directly participate and were equally the users and the active creators of the space and the work. Haypeter placed a total of 54 of the 192 existing sheets of PVC with the dimensions 40 x 52 x 0.5 cm on the floor of a large office space, but did not fix them there. The sheets signalled zones outside of the everyday routes taken by the employees. A loose structure of surfaces, where the basic elements were joined into harmonic figures, appeared in the space. After this initial placement, Haypeter removed himself from the process; however, he left instructions that wherever the sheets disrupted work processes, they should be moved to previously empty spaces or stacked on other sheets. The permanently shifting constellation of surfaces became a temporary document of its users’ movements: a dynamic process in which both systems – art and work – mirrored one another.

[Text: Maria Müller-Schareck: Werke als Kraftfelder in: »Werner Haypeter, Kraftfelder«. Ed. Gisela Clement und Michael Schneider. 2011 Weidle Verlag, p.25. Translated by Linke&Schreier]
Further publications. Thomas Köllhofer: Zwischenorte. »orten« (Ausst.-Kat., Brückenturm / Galerie der Stadt Mainz), Mainz 2000

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