inside out


Installation out of 12 aluminum tubes:
Length: je 191 cm, diameter 2 cm each, variable size
Aluminum, acrylic, flurescent color, cable ties

  • Installation in the forum experimentelle architektur, Museumsquartier Wien
  • Installation in the kunstgaleriebonn, Bonn
  • Installation in the Landessammlung Kunst aus NRW, Aachen-Kornelimünster

It is a burning hot day in the rear courtyard of the MuseumsQuartier Wien (Vienna) in July 2010; the weather is unbearable inside and out. The odd structure in front of a window located in the last facade opposite the entrance is the only thing that could have brought us here under these conditions: there is no hint of a breeze and the apparent jumble of the metal construction casts a sharp shadow.

Within the given context of a cubic meter of air space belonging to the forum experimentelle architektur, Werner Haypeter has used twelve aluminium rods to realize – to have someone realize, in keeping with the work’s conceptual tendency – a temporary installation entitled ‘inside out’. He did not install the rods himself; the architectural theorist Jan Tabor took over the task of executing the work.

Characteristically, Haypeter has here derived an unforeseeable artwork from the surrounding space: an artwork that struck us as simultaneously playful and rigorous.

[Text: Gisela Clement, Michael Schneider: Werke als Kraftfelder in: »Werner Haypeter, Kraftfelder«. Hg. von Gisela Clement und Michael Schneider. 2011 Weidle Verlag, p. 7]

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