2013 Installation out of 84 aluminum tubes

aluminum, acrylic, flurescent paint, grip tape, cable ties

variable size

The idea for constructing his works in modules is something Haypeter has lately developed further into the notion of the work as a „construction kit“ or „game“. The sculpture „Structure“ from 2013, which was realized in an exhibition hall in Cologne for the first time, consists of 84 aluminum tubes, which are for the most part, but not completely, covered with yellow fluorescent paint. In doing this, the artist is interested on the one hand in the fact that the slightly irregular, yellowish paint of the tubes gives it an air of bamboo, such as it is used in Asian and African countries for building scaffolding. On the other hand, the fluorescent paint makes the structural skeleton of the sculpture emerge when darkness sets in. Held together with cable binders, a portion of the tubes form a stable but irregular sculptural structure of cubes, hinted at and loosely played upon. The remaining part is either arranged closely side by side on a ledge of the wall or else laid on the floor. Thus, it is clear that this is not a strictly predetermined form but it was about playing openly with spatial possibilities so that the work looks correspondingly different with changes in the spatial conditions, whereby it is also possible to use a larger or a smaller number of elements. Like the marking on a playing field in a sports hall, a square is delineated with black tape on the floor, its surface area precisely corresponding to the sum of the color surfaces on the aluminum elements.

[Text: "... so I guess I am a spaceworker. Werner Haypeter", Peter Lodermeyer in: HAYPETER raum maß-geblich". Ausstellungskatalog mpk - Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern, Ed.. mpk, Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern 2013/2014 p. 45. Translated by Elizabeth Volk]


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